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Welcome to my website, I am David Benavente and this is the meeting point where my team and I share all our experience, aesthetic concept, technical knowledge and time of enjoyment.

How do we achieve this? By putting it within your reach:

David Benavente el artista de bonsai español mas internacional

Bonsai Club, so that you can socialise, work on your trees in excellent company and surroundings, travel, attend master classes with different masters and obtain important exclusive advantages for members.

Permanent exhibition. Stroll, observe and enjoy 1600m2 of bonsai garden where you can relax, motivate yourself and learn through observation.

Bonsai. Almost everything you see in the garden is available: Bonsai, pots, lanterns, accent plants, even the compost we use! You could call it a boutique garden. Plus, it’s all available on-line.

Pots and advice. Bring your bonsai and enjoy with us selecting the ideal pot for it. We are experts, we help you and we love doing it.

Training. Four different formats, so you can choose the one that best suits you. The atmosphere is always relaxed and fun to make it easier for you to reach the level you want in a short time. You’ll be hooked!

Entertainment and free training, from our Youtube channel. Videos full of professional information, clear explanations, entertaining and for everyone, from beginner to professional level.

Events. Follow our social networks to keep up to date as we hold several events a year, such as our legendary Kontainerfest® where we have a great time. Bonsai is like life, it’s made to be enjoyed.

Space for rent. Our garden is definitely a unique space. We rent it to you for your kick off of the season, team building, filming and whatever your marketing team is planning. We have experience and success is guaranteed. Contact us.


Before you make a decision, be it a bonsai purchase, a course or an event, you might want to know a bit more about me. Can I trust these people?

I introduce myself!

David Benavente, originally from Madrid, began to devote himself to bonsai in the early 1990s. Although he has had an interest in growing plants since he was young, it was at that time that he discovered the art of bonsai and decided to devote himself to it more intensely.

In the beginning, Benavente was self-taught, although with the great help of the magazine “Bonsai Actual”. He began to participate in local exhibitions and competitions, and over time he began to stand out and gain recognition from other bonsai enthusiasts. At the age of 22 he managed to dedicate himself professionally full time to bonsai under the orders of Luis Vallejo.

Benavente has participated in the most important exhibitions and events related to bonsai, both as an exhibitor and as a juror. He has also given courses and workshops on four continents to share his knowledge and techniques with other bonsai enthusiasts. His didactic work does not end here, as he has collaborated with magazines from different countries. He is no stranger to new formats either, as his YouTube channel is one of the most didactic in Spain (data backed by the number of followers and hours of viewing).

His work is characterised by creativity and innovative techniques in his work with “Yamadoris”, as well as meticulous attention to detail.

In his long career, David has created some of the most beautiful and admired bonsai in the world, winning numerous awards and accolades. His trees are known for the unique style that David has developed over the years and are appreciated by bonsai enthusiasts and collectors around the world. David, always at the forefront, never ceases to open new technical and aesthetic paths, in a constant search for excellence and his own apprenticeship.

Today, if we had to define David Benavente in five words, they would be vision, passion, impossible transformations and bonsai didactics.

11 years Curator of the Bonsai Museum in Alcobendas.

10 years Curator of the collection donated by Felipe Gonzalez to the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid.

28 years professionally dedicated to bonsai.

17 years of activity as DB bonsai studio.

+ 6 years Director of the Nº1 bonsai magazine in Spanish (Bonsai Actual).

+ More than 15 countries. Articles published in written press in more than 15 countries, including Japan, USA and especially Europe.


+ More than 30 international awards to my work.

+ More than 15 countries. Delivered workshops and demonstrations in more than 15 countries and 3 continents.

+ More than 1000 students have passed through my school.

+ More than 3000 bonsais designed.

+ More than 15 countries. My work is in collections in 15 countries.

+ 13 years of professional activity in Japan. Partners, training, creation of works, import/export, collaboration with KINBON magazine, television.

My curriculum is extensive, but I’d better not bore you with more information. My bonsais are the ones who speak about my career in a more efficient way.

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