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In our school we have a very simple objective: that you understand your trees, that you know how to grow them, how to shape them, how to find their best potential and that, above all, you achieve this while enjoying every step of the process.  


Javier Fernández will guide you in your first contact with this world. Sort out your initial knowledge, learn what is important and what is not, distinguish the essential from the accessory. Your trees will quickly notice your interest, they will be healthier and you will open your mind to their design possibilities.

Impartida por Pablo Comesaña, el primer discípulo en graduarse con David Benavente. Con Pablo te formarás a través de tus árboles. Te tutelará para que realices todos los trabajos necesarios a lo largo del año. Alambrarás, podarás, pinzarás, trasplantarás y realizarás todas las técnicas necesarias para que tus árboles progresen. Antes de que te des cuentas serás tú el que haya evolucionado.

David Benavente, you and your bonsai. Only four people per workshop. Exclusive treatment and totally personalised dedication. That tree that you have been thinking about for so long, that yamadori that you don't quite dare with, will find its best expression in a single day's work. David will share with you every decision necessary for its transformation and will help you with the necessary care for your tree to reveal its maximum manifestation. Thematic and seasonal workshops.

If you want to live bonsai, there is no better way. Participate in the day-to-day life of the garden intensely, be part of it. Understand the seasons, see how the trees demand and how their particular needs are satisfied. To live with bonsai masterpieces and with the earliest stages. Participate actively in the tasks, solve the questions that arise in the moment, learn by living the bonsai.

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