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Workshops with: david benavente

Talleres de bonsáis

In our school we have a very simple objective: that you understand your trees, that you know how to grow them, how to model them, how to find their best potential and that, above all, you achieve this while enjoying every step of the process.

The workshops are more practical and 80% of the workshop is dedicated to working on the trees.

All the materials are included in the price of the workshop, except for the tree to be worked on and its pot, which can be brought by the student or purchased in the garden.

¿En qué consisten los talleres con David?

David Benavente, tú y tu bonsai. Únicamente cuatro personas por taller. Trato exclusivo y dedicación totalmente personalizada. Ese árbol al que llevas tanto tiempo dándole vueltas, ese yamadori con el que no terminas de atreverte encontrarán su mejor expresión en una sola jornada de trabajo. David compartirá contigo cada decisión necesaria para su transformación y te ayudará con los cuidados necesarios para que tu árbol revele su máxima manifestación. Talleres temáticos y estacionales.

All my workshops are open to any tree and any species. As these workshops are so personalised (for only 4 students), it doesn’t matter your level of knowledge because I will explain everything you need to know.

Sometimes, it will be tricks that no one has told you for basic issues such as wiring, other times it will be tree surgery techniques that will open the doors to another level. And between one point and another, any technique in between that will help you move forward.

These are tailor-made workshops. This workshop format for just four people offers more closeness, attention, interaction and performance, as well as being infinitely more relaxing for everyone.

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