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Your Japanese garden

A bonsai collection requires an adequate space, which will enhance its value. As I often say, “you can’t sell Rolexes at a flea market”.

It also needs to have the right conditions for growing bonsai, with areas of sun, shade, protection from the wind, etc.

Finally, it has to be a space that is compatible with the life and needs of the rest of the family. Conjugating all this can be complicated. But that’s what we are there for.

My experience tells me that, once the project is executed, the bonsai collection and the space itself become a place of enjoyment and pride for the whole family. Can you imagine that, as if by magic, your partner is delighted that you have acquired a new bonsai? That’s what I’m finding, it makes me very happy to bring harmony and well-being to your family!

Call us and we’ll talk, I put all my soul into making the project far beyond your own expectations.



Having the opportunity to create a garden like this is priceless. One of my main objectives was to create a space for the bonsais that would not only serve the family, but that would also contribute to them. One year later, with the garden still young, but consolidated, we are all celebrating. Diego, you are an example of vital coherence. Thank you very much for your friendship and, in the case of this project, for your absolute trust.


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