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How many times have you stopped a trip because you don’t want to leave your bonsais alone?

Are you afraid to entrust the watering to a neighbour or relative who has no free time and does not know how to water properly?

Have you ever gone on holiday for 15 days and the automatic watering timer failed?

Did you go away and the watering went well, but the red spider mite ate your junipers?

Don’t feel like asking for favours?

All this has a solution, you know. We have a nursery service.

Your trees will be looked after by the same team that takes care of our collection day after day. The same people who advise you when you come or call and who are also the instructors of our courses. In short, real specialists.

Your bonsais will be in our garden, in a large, open, ventilated space with the specific exposure that your tree needs.

We water, fertilise, monitor and care for them.

Don’t hesitate and hire our nursery service whenever you need it.

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