Acer palmatum

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Dimensions: 75×95 cm

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Five tooth Mountain Maple, Hacer Palmatum, Japanese Maple. The most representative deciduous tree species in Japan.

When you finally achive for a bonsai to look like a real life sized tree you have a true bonsai. This is sucha tree. Its branches, wide and open, express serenity. Its fine ramification evoques delicady and its wide nebari represents stability

A maple is always a source of joy; from its green delicate buds to the maturity is displays in summer, until the explotion of colors with orange and red hues in the fall, finally in its Winter silhouette splendor.

Master Inami tended to the care of this tree for the last decade and it is now under my attention, but the journe y of this tree is long. Many masters have cared for this bonsai over the years and many are yet to come. You can now be part of the history of this woderful old bonsai tree.

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Dimensions 75 × 95 cm